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Created in 2005, Omniscience is an independent publishing house. Our purpose is to make up a very rich collection of reference books in all scientific fields. From the history of science to the new technologies, including economy and medicine, our publishing programme reviews the main subjects of knowledge in a definite and accessible style.

A well illustrated collection of scientific knowledge brings the major strategic challenges for our societies out (Technologies du futur, Énergies alternatives...).

A collection of essays hands over to authors who stand out by their research and their view of our world (Les Utopies posthumaines or L'illusion économique have already aroused the interest of some American reviewers).

A collection of medicine handbooks, developed by national teacher committees, makes up a solid reference for all the budding health professionals and essential works to prepare the exams of medicine studies (Biochimie et biologie moléculaire, Biophysique, Histologie...).

Finally, we publish other books, unclassifiable but always fascinating, as Voir l'invisible, Émile Cohl: L'inventeur du dessin animé or the Dictionnaire des sciences et techniques nucléaires.

In the following screen pages, you will find a ranking of our bestsellers, new publications, as well as information on available rights.

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